The Sex Lives of Oysters explores the Western perception of Asian men as effeminate asexual beings and its detrimental effects on the Asian male psyche through a series of exaggerated sex positions sculpted to resemble the inner shell of oysters as well as the ivory of ancient Chinese kamasutra figurines. The asexual reproduction that oysters partake in is an apt metaphor for the portrayal of Asian male sexuality, in that asian men are often portrayed as sexless and undesirable. Each figure is modeled off of a traditional kama sutra position in which the male or female counterpart has been removed to show the asexuality of the figures. Emerging from the oysters jagged flesh, where the genitals should be, are pearl phalluses that represent the fetishization and condemnation of Asian male sexuality. The pearls also refer to the painful process that oysters endure to create a pearl and how that relates to the inner dialogue of asian men.
Materials: Clay, Plaster, Resin, Pearls
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